• Building a better solution for SAP

    A middleware platform that provides limitless agility, accessibility and productivity

    Meister. Your game changer

  • A game changer for SAP SI's and end-users alike.
    Automate workflows that transform business functions.
    Develop leading edge mobile and cloud applications.
    Take advantage of emerging capabilities like IoT.
    + and much more
  • It’s your data. You shouldn’t have to struggle to
    use it, leverage it, or derive value from it.

    Unlock its power and potential. Master it with Meister.

What can Meister do for you? Unleash the potential of your data in SAP.

Do you feel like your data is on the inside and you’re stuck on the outside looking in? Wondering how you’ll get access? It’s your data but you shouldn’t have to struggle to use it, leverage it, derive value from it. No matter where you are on your journey with SAP, Meister can enable significant improvements.

Access and Performance

Meister is capable of transmitting a complex payload without limits of size and complexity.


Meister creates intelligent automated business solutions across transactions and workflows throughout SAP.


Meister’s Software Development Toolkit (SDK) doesn't require specialized SAP ABAP programmers with business logic expertise.

Meister Features


Meister is a headless technology meaning you can use whatever UI you want, not just UI5, to create a superior user experience.


Meister is capable of transmitting complex information without size and complexity limits, but in a way that is optimized for your device.


Meister frees you from being handcuffed by SAP when it comes to reporting.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

-- Steve Jobs

Meister in action - Purchase to Pay Automation

There's no doubt that SAP is one of the most powerful software platforms ever created, but it has it's limitations. Multiple screens, lots of people, still can’t get what needs to be done when it is needed. Sound familiar?

Watch this video on one of the many ways that Meister can make an immediate impact on your business in this parts claim example.

Are You In or Are You Out?

Data drives business. Access to your information is crucial, yet you struggle to realize this necessity. Supposed disruptive solutions abound, and are cast as the ultimate fix to your challenges. Yet they fail to meet your most fundamental needs. Until now.

Born of this same frustration, Meister was created with you in mind - the end user and the systems integrator. Meister revolutionizes your ability to turn information into real-time intelligence. It unlocks SAP and your information systems so that all of your data is visible, extensible, streamlined, controlled, secured and efficiently accessible via any device. At any time. Anywhere in the world. Without sacrificing security.

Meister is your game changer..

  • Reduce maintenance and development costs
  • Automate workflows that transform business functions
  • Develop leading edge mobile and cloud applications
  • Take advantage of emerging capabilities like IoT
  • Access analytics with AI for better insights

Whether you are renovating, innovating or both; Meister improves the business impact of SAP and works from the inside. As a truly headless product it works with any UI. It does not violate any security restrictions, nor does it grant any additional rights or privileges.
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